About Us

About us

Born in Dundee, Dundee Computer care was one of the global pioneers in making online technologies more accessible,  with its DIY website platforms Web Console and Web commerce.

Over time, the digital landscape has transformed and the way businesses use online technology has changed. Dundee Computer Care has also evolved, mastering new skills, developing new products and ensuring that those still using our 15+ year old platforms are looked after and supported.

Our customer-oriented approach has been a staple of the company. Over the years and we’ll continue to measure our success . By the accomplishments of our clients we’ll continue to measure our success .

Our company culture is cultivated by employees. We share a vision of growing, learning and generating ideas .This enables us to make meaningful transformations. We give ideas across industries to meet their exclusive business needs  affordable cost and in time.

Since our founding in 1998, Dundee Computer Care stood with determination to reinvent and remodel business products and services. Inspired by the local startup community, we started out with a team of three employees initially providing services for Windows servers and network components.

21 years later our perseverance has allowed us to find our place in providing next-generation custom IT services. As we grow, we consistently aim to solve our customer’s challenges by delivering high-quality, innovative products.